Demonstration of the Medical Teleparasitology System in the 29th Intensive Training Course on Diagnostic Medical Parasitology

GroupPhoto_29th ITC

The Medical Teleparasitology (MTP) system was demonstrated to the 31 participants of the 29th Intensive Training Course on Diagnostic Parasitology held on June 25-29, 2018 at the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila.

The participants of the training course were mostly from private health institutions. They were able to experience the enhanced MTP system through the demonstration site. Introducing the MTP system to other health professionals, besides those from the government-affiliated health units, will create a larger network of health professionals linked to the MTP system.

The MTP system is an information and communications (ICT)-based diagnostic parasitology system that links medical technologists in peripheral laboratories to diagnostic parasitologists based in Manila. Appropriate and correct management of parasitic infections greatly depends on accurate and timely diagnosis. Less common emerging or re-emerging parasitic infections may be difficult to diagnose, which may result to misdiagnosis and delay of appropriate treatment that can potentially be life-saving. Through the combined efforts of the stakeholders involved in the MTP system, these challenges related to the quality of reporting and diagnosis of parasitic infections may be addressed.